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Mavic wheels are built for speed!
 Want to make your bike faster? Stronger? Few upgrades improve a bike more than a new wheelset, and few wheelsets add speed and durability like Mavic's. These dreams hoops revive worn, old rides and put the finishing touch on the fastest new speed-demons. In fact, the biggest difficulty you'll face with Mavic wheels is picking a favorite. Maybe that's why Mavic wheels are used by more pros than any others. Come in to see our full selection today!
Road & Track
Amazingly fast, light, efficient and beautiful, Mavic's Cosmic Carbone SLs are wing-like wheels built to cheat the wind, and are the perfect upgrade for getting a competitive edge in time trials and triathlons. Which is why the pros use them in the biggest international events, when every second counts. Mavic's carbon rims are incredibly durable, reduce road vibration for a silky-smooth ride and boast tall profiles, which along with Mavic's straight-pull aero spokes deliver exceptional aerodynamics to put you on the podium time and again. Mavic's Cosmic Carbone SLs give you the winning edge!

Mavic's Ksyrium SLs are light, swift and beautiful!
Mavic's Ksyrium SLs have seen everything from the cobbles of Paris Roubaix, to the summit of Ventoux. Mavic's machined Maxtal ISM rims, super-smooth QRM hubs and ultra-aero Zicral flat spokes make this one of the fastest, most aerodynamic wheelsets on the planet. Plus, Mavic's exclusive Isopulse lacing optimizes acceleration and power and provides unparalleled stability. And, not only are these wicked wheels super light and aero, they're stiff for rock-solid sprinting, climbing and cornering. No wonder so many pros win on them!
Mavic's Ellipse is the perfect wheelset to dominate at the track! Mavic's aero 6106-aluminum rims and bladed, straight-pull stainless-steel spokes are stiff for ultra-responsive sprinting and aerodynamic for maximum speed. Plus, the rear hub is threaded on both sides for mounting two different cogs. And, these zippy wheels feature Mavic's smooth-rolling QRM sealed-bearing hubs for years of trouble-free service.Mavic's Ellipse is the ultimate track bike upgrade!
Mavic's Deemax Wheelset is extremely strong!
Mavic's Deemax is THE wheelset for downhilling and freeriding due to its UST tubeless rims, outstanding durability and light weight, which makes things easier on every ride. It boasts Mavic's Fore design, which stiffens and strengthens the wheels for durability under extreme riding conditions. And, while the Deemax wheels are built tough, they're also light for quick acceleration and easy speed changes. Plus, the front hub accepts 20mm through-axles and standard axles so you can run virtually any fork you want.
Mavic's Crossmax SLR Wheelset gives you the ultimate edge for cross-country racing. Using Mavic's ISM technology, which was developed for road racing, the Maxtal rims have been significantly lightened. Plus, they accept UST tubeless and regular tires for the best traction and minimal weight. Mavic's feathery QRM+ hubs are super smooth and durable. And, with Mavic's Zicral spokes to enhance wheel strength and lateral rigidity, and Mavic's FTS-X cassette body for maximum power transfer, you may find yourself riding off the front and staying there! Mavic's Crossmax SLR Wheelset is race-ready!
Mavic's Crossride Disc Wheelset is affordable and high quality! With the Crossrides, Mavic achieved a new price level for a Mavic MTB wheelset while including their legendary quality and aesthetics. It boasts Mavic's 6106-aluminum rims, Mavic's QRM hubs with sealed cartridge bearings, Mavic's FTS-L cassette body for reliability and Mavic's renowned bladed straight-pull spokes. This wheelset is a great upgrade for any disc brake-equipped bike.

Come in soon to see our wide selection of great Mavic wheels!